While Mystique wouldn’t directly benefit from the death as far as we know, she would benefit from Magneto being convicted of something so criminal as to be removed from power in Krakoa. If so, that still leaves the big question of why she’d fake her own death – but that’d be the kind of story you’d wait to tell for a bit, wouldn’t you? Actually, there’s still a lot that’s unclear about these kids. However, some information about the heroes still surfaced. Given the vague background information at the point covered in the writeup, their Languages very likely include Bulgarian and/or Romanian and possibly Romani as well. We don’t have a particular group who is easy to peg as likely suspects, but there sure are a lot of easily influenced young mutants on Krakoa who have been in the background over the past three years, aren’t there? So could it be Agatha after all (or Agatha all along?) who is responsible for the death of Wanda Maximoff in comic books? But if Magneto were to be convicted of Wanda’s death in the Trial of Magneto, that would presumably force his removal from mutantkind’s ruling Quiet Council, and possibly further punishment – remember, he would be convicted not just of murdering a human, but an Avenger.

For not only does it leave an open seat on the Quiet Council, but also puts Magneto in a corner – which, knowing his temper, isn’t always the best idea. Remember, Mystique has been brooding these past years as her repeated requests to have her dead wife Destiny be resurrected by the Quiet Council (which Magneto is a part of), has been promised by Professor X and Magneto, who have tasked her with certain discreet missions for them by dangling the possibility of resurrecting Destiny as payment for a job well done. Between that and being one of the most stringent followers of Magneto, elizabeth olsen scarlet witch costume Exodus could have seen the ‘Hellfire Gala’ interaction between Magneto and Wanda as the start of something he wanted to stop. And if we’re gonna give Marvel Comics enough credit to potentially misdirect and interweave the stories of Inferno and The Trial of Magneto, we’ve also got to consider whether idea that the events of Darkhold take place prior to Wanda’s death has another possible twist coming in its timeline. As we were asking in the Magneto entry, who would benefit most from the Scarlet Witch’s death? Scarlet Witch is the third character to join Kotobukiya’s special “WOMAN of MARVEL” line inthe ARTFX PREMIER series!

Agatha Harkness was the big bad of Disney Plus’ WandaVision, and a big part of that was her subterfuge and secrecy – she didn’t even reveal herself until the third act. Although magic was already a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Doctor Strange, having Wanda’s powers explicitly called Chaos Magic opens the door for even more magical beings, including demons and other dark gods, to appear in the franchise. As part of her plan, she has encouraged Xavier and Magneto (under the authority of the Krakoan government) to deny the resurrection of any mutants with precognitive powers (like Mystique’s aforementioned dead wife Destiny), as a run-in with Destiny in one of her previous lives led Moira to believe that precog mutants could interfere with her machinations. For one thing, Hope’s psychic powers flaring up to get him to confront the Avengers in the first place is worth thinking further about, but also his motives in confessing to the Avengers but not the X-Men seems a distinct choice by Magneto. 1 as instigating some shade cast on Magneto’s attempts to get Wanda resurrected by Krakoa’s ruling body. Magneto’s remorse and affection toward Wanda before she was murdered could all be a ploy, but why would Magneto put up the act when the only witness – the victim – would be murdered?

The murder of Wanda Maximoff could also be more of an Orient Express type of affair, especially given the version of events that is shared among mutantkind by the likes of Exodus. While The Trial of Magneto is a murder mystery about one Marvel character, could the culprit be another Marvel character whose murder everyone believes to have happened didn’t? After the crowning of the character as an MCU force in her own right earlier this year in WandaVision, could her murder simply be a set-up for something bigger? Considering the effect Moira’s resurrections have had in actually rebooting aspects of the Marvel Universe reality, and Wanda’s reality-warping powers, there could be a significant motive for Moira to murder the Scarlet Witch. However it plays out, The Trial of Magneto is the latest in the case of Scarlet Witch being the victim and not the hero of stories about her. Digging deeper, Exodus is one of the first people to call Wanda ‘The Great Pretender’ on Krakoa – specifically using the epithet in stories he told to mutant children to encourage the impressionable youngsters to shun her due to her questionable mutant/non-mutant status and her actions on M-Day. This one is more of a longshot, but the inclusion of Exodus in the periphery of ‘Dawn of X’ and ‘Reign of X’ is intriguing.