At this point, there’s still a lot we don’t know about the specifics of what is occurring in WandaVision. But all of these things are aspects of her that I’m still discovering myself. So the short answer to the question that I’ve sort of rambled around is that she is someone I sort of have a handle on, but what’s fun is that I’m finding interesting aspects of her even as I write that I hadn’t thought about as I was going in. It was revealed by Doctor Strange to Beast that this lasting spell was of such complexity and strength that it had woven itself into reality and the world of magic itself, and that if he were to even to try to reverse it, all of reality would implode. It was later revealed in the comic Avengers: The Children’s Crusade that, before she attacked the Avengers, Wanda had traveled to Dr. Doom for help in bringing her sons back.

But fans, who have already got a basic idea of the costume with the help of Wanda Maximoff’s beautiful poster, do not fully know all of its attributes. The cast also includes Paul Bettany as Vision, who portrays a former Avenger. Horribly distraught, Wanda launched one of the most effective and deadly attacks on the Avengers, one which resulted in the deaths of Vision, Hawkeye and Ant-Man (Scott Lang). He agreed, which resulted in her possession by immense powers that lead to her transgressions against her teammates. These events lead to a break in the Scarlet Witch’s mind that pushed her to the side of evil briefly, though she soon regained herself and she came to lead the West Coast Avengers and even stuck around when they rebranded as Force Works. That lead into a pair of Vision and the Scarlet Witch limited series, one lasting four issues, the other 12. In those books, they began living in Leonia, New Jersey, but their far-from-normal lives lead to conflicts of all sorts, many of which featured magical menaces. In the MCU, after Wanda allied with Captain America, who split from the official Avengers, she and Vision – who stayed on Stark’s side – would meet secretly, as seen in Infinity War.

All of this stuff is going on, but who is she as a person? The off-the-rack stuff – the really comfy sweatpants, the sweaters, the lounge stuff. While the parents continued being super heroes, the boys grew up in the amazing Avengers Compound headquarters. Shortly after, the family moved to California to join the West Coast Avengers. Not long after, Maximoff began to fall for the synthezoid as well, much to the chagrin of her overprotective brother, Quicksilver. Meanwhile, Vision’s comic book counterpart came to be when Ultron decided to create a mass-controlling synthezoid and used Wonder Man‘s brain patterns to make a being that could infiltrate the Avengers. That might explain what’s happening in the series with its mix of styles, ranging from black-and-white 50s sitcom to a full-on appearance of the comic book Scarlet Witch costume. Not exactly earth-shattering, but what do you think of Emily Olsen’s Scarlet Witch getting a more super costume?

At first, Vision seemed to regard Wanda as he did most of his other teammates, but during the Kree-Skrull War it became clear that he had more than platonic feelings towards her. After Vision got the misguided idea to take over all of the world’s computers, a mysterious group got their hands on the Avenger and dismantled him, not wanting a repeat performance. While the Scarlet Witch was with the Brotherhood, she had a Low Connection to that group but no Connection to the Avengers or X-Men. Making matters all the more complicated, a pair of super-powered teens known as Billy and Tommy began running around with a group calling themselves Wiccan (formerly Asgardian) and Speed. Wiccan and Speed could easily fit into a younger team of Avengers like in the comics. Sound familiar? As it turned out, Wanda had used so much power in creating her twins’ souls that, even when Mephisto reabsorbed them, some of that magic went out into a pair of about-to-be-born kids, resulting in the two Young Avengers team members.