-DCUO Cosplay- Scarlet Witch (Version 2)

So I have bee waiting for a while to have a chest style like this version of Wanda has…..and it finally happened 😉 I just have to wait for the Homecoming event now to get the royal face style and this look will be complete !

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to post them below or get a hold of me in game! I can be found in the “Bases” custom chat channel if I am online or in the Base Crafters Discord! Thanks for watching 🙂

Base Crafters Discord:

Red: 220000
Black: 000000
Dark Red: 0F0000
Grey: 0F0F0F
Skin: 935837
Eyes: 0000FF
Hair: 310800
Makeup: 48000

Head: Thrall of Ekron
Face: Zamaron Crescent
Shoulders: None
Back: None
Chest: Cybernetic Sorceress
Hands: Son of the Manta
Waist: None
Legs: Enhanced Mid-Nite
Feet: Beyond High-Tech
Hair: Magician

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