It seems like Olsen and her viewers are all thinking along the same lines. The way viewers hold the creators accountable, calling out the ways they’ve come to expect smarter, more socially conscious narratives from their favorite comic book brands. Marvel doesn’t usually pull from one specific comic run when they’re adapting their stories into live action. Plus, we’ve already seen hints of other comic influences in “WandaVision” such as Brian Michael Bendis’ “House of M” and Tom King’s “The Vision,” suggesting Marvel is pulling from various notable runs over the years. While they haven’t reached full ethnic or gender parity yet, superhero movies feel like they’ve already come a long way, thanks in no small part to directorial influences like Ryan Coogler and DC’s Jenkins. 3: Occasions: Wandavision Scarlet Witch costume replica, adult women Wanda Maximoff cosplay apparel full set outfits, perfect for Halloween, theme parties, daily wear, cosplay role-playing photography, costume ball, clothing party, ect.

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Do you want an appearance of Scarlet Switch at the event? Or is his guilt too obvious to the point they want you to dismiss Magneto as the killer only to reveal he actually did it? Magneto is the last person readers saw with Wanda before her murder. And if the comics are any guide, there’s a very good chance that the person Wanda saw in that costume was actually her mom, and that’s something we can back up by looking at the 2016 Scarlet Witch comic by James Robinson. I think one of the things that I remember saying when I was pitching this to Marvel a long time ago is that you, me, most anybody who’s somewhat conversant with comic books can tell you Tony Stark’s personality, or Wasp’s personality, or Thor’s personality. The superhero outfits of women in the Marvel universe are getting some critical side-eye – just ask Elizabeth Olsen. And as women like Oslen continue to speak out about the ways their characters are treated or dressed differently than their male colleagues, it’s hard to imagine that the Marvel universe won’t continue to evolve and change.

So with the first two issues on shelves and a ton of backstory on these characters going back decades, let’s call in our proverbial line-up. Still, despite the films’ tendency to occasionally emphasize female characters’ bust-lines over their stunning powers, Olsen also applauded the movies’ slow shift toward inclusivity – a change emblematic of Hollywood’s growing investment in spotlighting a wider variety of storylines and interpretations of beauty. In a recent interview with Elle, Olsen spoke about Scarlet Witch’s revealing costume, meditating on the work these movies still have to do to better represent women and their bodies. Of course, this isn’t the first time superhero movies have come under scrutiny for overtly sexualizing its kickass heroines and their often-skimpy clothing. But the 29-year-old Ingrid Goes West star (and little sis to ’90s icons, Mary-Kate and Ashely) also noted the strides blockbuster films have made recently toward inclusivity. But Robinson’s story is hugely focused on sorcery and witchcraft, which was also a big focus in the latest episode as we learned a little about Agatha’s past which dates back to the days of the Salem Witch Trials. Well, in the latest “WandaVision” episode, Marvel essentially just retconned MCU history by showing that Wanda didn’t get her powers from being experimented on by Hydra, as we’d been led to believe in “Age of Ultron.” She was instead apparently born with them and her experience with the Mind Stone served to awaken and enhance her innate powers.