In support of this explanation, it should also be noted that the changes in the twins’ history were depicted as reminiscences by Quicksilver and thus may be explained as a delusional revision to his personal memory of the event. This appears to be an inherent limitation of her powers rather than a personal choice or subconscious restriction, as she did on occasion unleash hexes against inanimate objects with the calculated intent of inflicting serious collateral harm on people nearby. By pointing a finger the Scarlet Witch could unleash her “hexes,” which caused inanimate objects to suffer damage as if they had been hit by an invisible blow. Really, the only long lasting relationship he had was with Jimaine Szardos / Amanda Sefton, who was also his foster sister, which has caused some discomfort among fans in the past. The Scarlet Witch and her brother Quicksilver were mutants who grew up in a small village in the Balkan nation of Transia. Transia is described only as a central European country though stories after the period covered by this writeup have described it as a former part of either Bulgaria or Romania, which would place it in eastern Europe. After the fateful battle in which the alien scientist known as the Stranger took Magneto away from Earth for study, the mutant siblings realized that while Wanda may have owed Magneto her life, they both had repaid that debt many times over while risking themselves in his service.

They were recruited into the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants when Magneto saved Wanda from a mob of her fellow villagers, who sought to murder her based on the belief that her mutant power was some form of evil witchcraft. I can feel the Tom Holland in me coming out,’ quipped Benedict, referencing the 24-year-old English actor who has gained a reputation while portraying Spider-Man for being too revealing about Marvel movies. As it turned out, a scientist whose lab was housed in that same village was able to help them, applying a diathermatic treatment that not just restored but slightly increased their powers. Until WandaVision, the Marvel Cinematic has refrained – some might say shied away from – presenting Wanda’s powers as having their origin in magic. Agatha has been practicing dark magic for over 400 years, but had never come close to the power or skill necessary to mind control and transform an entire town for weeks. While she could cause stone walls to crumble with a gesture, her best efforts against living targets did nothing more than knock them over or push them a few feet.

At first these effects were fairly blunt, causing walls to shatter or circuitry to explode. Their character development was reversed, with the Scarlet Witch becoming even more uncertain and Pietro more tempestuous than in their first appearances with the Brotherhood. He was only the first of the village to offer Wanda and Pietro his help and kindness, as the rest of the village had also realized they had misjudged the mutant siblings and sought to make up for their previous poor treatment of them by welcoming the two home as heroes. Pietro saw this as an opportunity to demonstrate their good intentions without the confounding influence of their mutant origins being front and center. Though Cyclops extended an invitation to them to join the X-Men, Wanda and Pietro decided to return to their homeland and forget the war between the mutant factions for the moment. The blatant prejudice that he suddenly seemed to be suffering might likewise be seen as Pietro interpreting his interactions with others in an increasingly negative light as his pathology deepened. Her brother Pietro a.k.a. The body’s disappearance is discovered by Speed and Prodigy, who bring up Wanda’s other brother Wiccan. Her brother Quicksilver likewise had doubts but would not leave his sister’s side.

The two of them took a leave of absence to return to their native village in the Balkans, theorizing that their unique abilities were tied to some quality of their homeland and could be restored by renewed exposure. The difficulty in identifying their native culture is further confused since their village was unnamed and the twins’ last names were also never given during this time. Despite various flashbacks and even an extended visit to their homeland of Transia, little is known about Wanda’s and Pietro’s native culture. The villagers from whom Magneto had saved the siblings were now depicted as strangers to them, with Wanda’s accidental use of her powers happening by chance as the two passed through the area. While he was gone, the siblings became the glue that held the Avengers together. Doctor Strange was ‘taken’ while reporters brainstormed what to name Otto Octavius’s super villain in headlines.

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