Case-in-point? The Avengers: Infinity War, headlined by its resoundingly diverse cast, just hit theaters in a $630 million box office-smashing opening last weekend. For example, Zack Snyder’s DC Justice League caught critics’ attention last November for its scantily-clad portrayal of Amazonian women – especially when compared to those featured in Patty Jenkins’ acclaimed Wonder Woman. Magneto is the last person readers saw with Wanda before her murder. ” Comics readers familiar with the history of the teammates probably reacted with “oh, no… The Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) appears in Marvel Comics. And if we’re gonna give Marvel Comics enough credit to potentially misdirect and interweave the stories of Inferno and The Trial of Magneto, we’ve also got to consider whether idea that the events of Darkhold take place prior to Wanda’s death has another possible twist coming in its timeline. Prior to the transformation at the end of WandaVision, Scarlet Witch’s MCU costumes changed repeatedly. As we were asking in the Magneto entry, who would benefit most from the Scarlet Witch’s death? When asked about her character’s low-cut costume, Olsen was quick to underscore the gentle tweaks she’d make to the Scarlet Witch’s apparel to re-focus attention on the character’s mind-bending magic.

The death of Scarlet Witch could be seen by Mystique as a destabilizing blow to the mutant governing body, especially if the prime suspect is someone (Magneto) best known as a villain already. 1 finger someone with a white cape fleeing the scene – and of course, Magneto is known for busting out a white-themed version of his costume, complete with cape, from time to time. Here was the robot who longed to feel growing into the most human of qualities; here was the mutant in the arms of someone who didn’t hate or fear her. Still, despite the films’ tendency to occasionally emphasize female characters’ bust-lines over their stunning powers, Olsen also applauded the movies’ slow shift toward inclusivity – a change emblematic of Hollywood’s growing investment in spotlighting a wider variety of storylines and interpretations of beauty. Avengers fan tweeted, highlighting the comic book movie audience’s growing appetite for smart, empathetic, female-driven storytelling.

In the upcoming Darkhold event, the two magic-users will be fighting over control of the dark magic tome the Darkhold – the very same book that ends up a macguffin in the finale of WandaVision (and presumably ties into the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness film). Well, he could swoop into “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,” but that movie’s focus on magic wouldn’t leave a lot of room for a synthezoid still sorting through his personal hard drive. Fans were excited to see Wanda doing this, given that it is a direct reference to Doctor Strange. Wanda Maximoff and Victor Von Doom have a complicated past – student/teacher, amnesiac paramour/cruel husband-to-be, and now mortal enemies. So could it be Agatha after all (or Agatha all along?) who is responsible for the death of Wanda Maximoff in comic books? But that could all be prologue to a surprise 11th hour reveal of Agatha being behind Wanda’s misfortune in comic books, just as she was in the MCU. While Mystique wouldn’t directly benefit from the death as far as we know, she would benefit from Magneto being convicted of something so criminal as to be removed from power in Krakoa.

But if Magneto were to be convicted of Wanda’s death in the Trial of Magneto, that would presumably force his removal from mutantkind’s ruling Quiet Council, and possibly further punishment – remember, he would be convicted not just of murdering a human, but an Avenger. When Sabretooth was convicted of similar crimes, he was straight up banished to the bowels of Krakoa. Furthermore, Monica Rambeau will appear on the screen, played by American actress Tejona Parris. While promoting this new movie, which debuts in Thursday night preview screenings tonight, the actress made quite the intriguing revelation about her costume. While they haven’t reached full ethnic or gender parity yet, superhero movies feel like they’ve already come a long way, thanks in no small part to directorial influences like Ryan Coogler and DC’s Jenkins. Maybe Jenkins can step in and help with this hero’s progression, too. With a single character, the introspection is there-as much as you might want to, it’s very hard to do it in a team book unless you’re on it for years and years, where you can just add little pieces to the mosaic of each person’s personality over a long period of time. Aside from the roles that were re-cast, very little is known about the original pilot, though Benioff and Wess said in interviews they re-shot approximately 90% of the original pilot.

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