They do not appear to result from any general medical condition, although a physician might need to examine whether his unusual heart functioning could be creating some of his panic-like symptoms. One of the most appealing aspects of “Iron Man 3” — and the film adaptations in general — is that, while the scientific details might not actually make sense, they seem to make sense within the context of the story. These symptoms might prove more difficult to judge because we cannot interview this fictional character about their variety and intensity, and because the script did not call for the actor to articulate every aspect of how he played each attack. To qualify as suffering posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) using DSM criteria, Tony Stark must show specific trauma-related symptoms that cause distress and interfere with his ability to function. A person must show at least three of seven key symptoms to meet this criterion; Tony exhibits five. A panic attack is an intense and distinct period of strong fear or discomfort, abruptly showing at least four symptoms that peak within ten minutes. Panic Disorder Criterion D. Not due to other mental disorders. Does Iron Man 3’s Tony Stark suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder?

Some therapists could conceivably take a different view, focusing perhaps on areas in which Tony becomes more productive during his sleepless days and nights. A sarcastic woman, when Christine Everhart condescends to her, she retains her decorum but snidely insinuates Everhart to be trash she needs to take out. ’s Iron Man suit stand out from the crowd is its construction; instead of fiberglass or vacuum-formed plastic he’s used real metal. The DSM explicitly names PTSD as one of the disorders worth ruling out here. Most people would say yes but few people have it in their possession considered that purchasing one from the shops is an expensive option which leaves you almost broke. In fact, along with robots, it’s one of its biggest bets, just like the US Air Force and the US Navy are betting on drones. His attacks do not result from substance abuse (in fact, as noted earlier, we no longer see him abuse alcohol in the present). Whatever the attacks are, yes, he keeps having them. Yes, in fact, the problems have lasted for months. There aren’t that many comics characters to have a mustache but then again Stark’s is so distinct that you can hardly reproduce it without a lot of hard work.

And then we have log books where you can sort by the image number or sort by date in order to find full historical captions in typed pages,’ explained Stauffer. The system records and sends the brain signals (waves) to a computer, then the transmitted waves are used to express an idea or control an object. It also employed a negative feedback body motion sensing system. Also worth considering: Are his self-assessed anxiety attacks, in fact, panic attacks? He stays concerned about the possibility of having more attacks, he worries about their implications, and he significantly changes his behavior related to the attacks. His severe insomnia and recurrent anxiety attacks (as he calls them) clearly fit. He either does not know enough about PTSD or he is in denial, refusing to recognize his own problem, which is a common occurrence among some of those who suffer similarly in real life. He chunters through his railway adventures like a common man’s Michael Portillo, turning his nose up at local delicacies.

Anthony ‘Master’ Le’s Iron Man suit takes cosplay to a whole new level with animated features like moving thruster flaps and a helmet that automatically opens. The combat happens in industrial areas, airborne battleship, the underground fortress etc., making each level unique and visually exciting. As it turns out, it protected against all three sizes, making it even more amazing. Because PTSD better accounts for Tony Stark’s overall pattern of behavior and suffering, it remains the more likely diagnosis for the distress he frequently feels during the months after he’d faced his own mortality on the other side of a space-spanning wormhole. On a private jet, she watched the Battle of Manhattan where Tony uses the Mark VII to carry a nuclear warhead into the portal unaware that he was calling her to say goodbye in case he did not return PEPPER Industries as the Head-Chief of the company. Mullins set up his company from the basement of an estate agent’s office in 1979, the same year Thatcher came to power.