Portrait of a smiling man in clean cloths on a white background. Self portrait taken to test a brand new EOS RP. The original “black suit” was in fact an alien symbiote Spider-Man acquired during the Secret War, organized by the Beonder. If you’ve always dreamed of strapping a jet on your back and soaring high into the sky like a superhero or secret agent, listen up. Selfridges, a posh department store in London, is now selling a personal jet pack, or jet suit, that will let a handful of well-heeled customers live out their “Iron Man” fantasies. But the next-generation vehicle will also herald a new era of space travel as it has been designed to carry humans to land on asteroids and even to other worlds. He said the suit represents a “whole new area of human mobility” but acknowledged that it could take a while before jet pack travel really takes off. ORION WANTS TO TAKE PEOPLE TO MARS, BUT CAN HUMANS SURVIVE A JOURNEY TO THE RED PLANET? John Daly shaves the hole with a wonderful putt at the 15th. He’ll take a par.

WATER COOLER TRADE IN YOUR OLD FREESTANDING AWESOME WATER COOLER FOR A NEWER ONE The American very much in the race for the Claret Jug at four under par. It’s another contender for Schumacher’s finest race wins. Designed by English inventor Richard Browning and made by Gravity Industries, a Salisbury, England-based tech start-up he founded in 2017, the jet suit consists of five small kerosene-fueled turbine engines – two worn on each arm and one on the back. Variations of the jet pack have been in development as far back as 1960, when now-defunct Bell Aerospace conducted test flights of its “rocket belt.” Bell demonstrated the belt for President Kennedy in 1961 and at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York. The armor’s floating repulsors pack an extra devastating punch — in fact, it’s an added feature that Tony doesn’t even have on his Mark 85 armor. It is the first armor to feature a new portable system that can fold itself into a briefcase and be deployed for use in civilian areas.

LOS ANGELES, May 31 (Reuters) – More than 70 years after she first burst upon the scene in her red bustier and blue shorts, Wonder Woman is finally getting her turn in the movie spotlight, and expectations could hardly be higher. A woman dressed as Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens carries enough weapons to fight off the storm troopers. This means: one – the winner will be someone who is able to keep his ball on the fairway and hit the right spots on the green; and two – the winner will have enough creativity in his short game to rescue pars more regularly than the rest. The outfit features six turbine engines, two on each wrist and one on each calf. The reason for this insane level of exercising is that each turbine generates 46 pounds of thrust, which means that each of his arms must stabilize 92 pounds pushing against them. This takes the game’s difficulty level, as well as the interest level a notch higher. ‘Creating the seats takes only two days. Three putt for Tiger, who has dropped two shots now slipping to three under par.

But even though those hints at a prototype are vague, there is somebody who has taken it into his own hands (literally) to build a real-life Iron Man suit. He has been creating his own versions of technology from sci-fi films and video games for roughly seven years and even sells some pieces on his website. When inactive, the chest plate lights up blue like Stark’s arc reactor technology, which powers the suit in the films. His chest plate burns through cardboard, wood, pork and — yes — even steel. While the agenda – and even the duration – of the event is still unknown, its main objective is widely seen as cementing Kim Jong-Un’s status as supreme leader and legitimate inheritor of the Kim family’s dynastic rule. If you’re looking to personalize things further, you can even get an AirPods case cover or an AirPods skin. But don’t be surprised if Pepper finds a way to rescue one of our fresh-faced heroes in the future (looking at you Peter Parker).