Sixty years after creating the Sports Personality of the Year show, the Beeb gets round to doing something similar for music. Iron Man is one of those films that gets better with age. This versatile Iron Man construction toy includes a posable Igor Suit mech with minifigure cockpit, a posable mobile robot and 6 minifigures-including Iron Man MK 1, Iron Man MK 5, Iron Man MK 41 and Iron Man MK 50, plus Tony Stark face and hair elements to attach to your chosen Iron Man minifigure. But in Iron Man 2, Stark creates a mysterious new element to power the suit. Stark develops this mystery element through an accelerated process in which he uses a variety of techniques to create and test the new material so quickly that he’s using it in his suit in less than a year. The suit is initially powered by the fictional arc reactor, which runs on palladium. The main section of the suit is lifted onto his chest where the ARC Reactor cover is attached to his chest and initializes the main deployment. This might work… providing that Stark has an enormous ions supply in his suit and an extremely powerful ion thruster: a typical thrust of such an engine is equivalent to 50 to 250 millinewton, which is as low as the force of blowing on hand with your mouth !

The included ‘Floating Gun Drone’, and ‘Thrust Fire Effects’ allows this figure to soar and bring destructive firepower down on Thanos and his minions! Thanos then overpowered all of the Avengers and Guardians except for Iron Man, who attacked Thanos using an energy blade made of nanoparticles. The Mark LXXXV survived a bout with Thanos and helped Tony harness the power of all the Six Infinity Stones. The show’s toyline released a toy where Peter became a cyborg after a fight with the Sinister Six. Cyborg Spidey did appear in Spider-Geddon, only to be ripped apart. Exactly what it sounds like: a Spidey with a cyborg arm and eye, because the ’90s were all about cyberpunk hijinks. The Aaron Aikman Armor (try saying that five times fast) belonged to – you guessed it! – Aaron Aikman, a scientist and the Spidey of Earth-31411. No spoilers, but after going to space, getting blipped out of existence, reappearing five years later, then assisting in the defeat of a Mad Titan, all with the help of Tony Stark’s high-tech Spider-armor, Peter Parker goes back to the basics in Far From Home – with some minor suit improvements. Even though I loved it upon first viewing, I wasn’t all that pumped about going back another time.

For those who have been shut off from pop culture, here’s a recap of the first two Iron Man movies: Billionaire inventor Tony Stark creates a powered exoskeleton that gives him de facto superpowers. These 3D images give scientists a deeper understanding of a material’s nanostructure, which, in turn, gives them insight into how those structures relate to a material’s properties. There are four intertwined aspects of materials science: Processing, or how a material is made; structure, or how a material’s atoms, molecules and crystals are arranged; properties, or how a material behaves (e.g., strength, elasticity, etc.); and performance, or the combination of a material’s properties that give a material its overall characteristics in various real-world environments. Iron Man 3 isn’t out yet, but the first two movies (and decades of Iron Man comics) raise some interesting questions about how scientists and engineers create and utilize new materials – like the energy source for Iron Man’s suit.

But hey, I like how geeks are the new trend these days. As a nation far more technologically advanced than the rest of the world, Wakanda seems like the perfect place for Williams to build a fully functioning Ironheart suit. Williams could be a 15-year-old M.I.T student by the start of the movie and may be selected to spend a semester abroad if Wakanda’s main players hear of her genius-style exploits. A mixture of humor, wit, sophistication, and absolute charisma, Tony Stark may be the most engaging character in the MCU. As the stockpile explodes, Tony flies off in the Mark I but it crashes in the desert and is destroyed. He quickly flies off to rescue the town, leaving Pepper alone on the roof. ‘And before you ask, I’ve also learnt to walk on stilts, juggle and fire-eat, though not all at the same time,’ he says with a Sid James cackle. Tony also says “Pepper, if you go evil, we’re all in trouble” to which she cheerfully agreed.

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