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This one’s embarrassing. I have read the first few chapters of the book – maybe 3-4 years ago, when True Blood was in season 3 or so. More than a few choices in the Scarlet Witch costumes play the main role behind the increased curiosity of almost every cosplayer to directly choose and buy the appropriate costumes. But there’s no one more glamorous (or easier to dress as!) than the original Supreme herself, Fiona Goode. Hot Toys is bringing one of the final scenes of WandaVision to life with their newest Marvel Cosbaby figure. Sideshow and Hot Toys are excited to officially introduce the widely anticipated sixth scale collectible figure of the gorgeous and powerful member of Team Cap – Scarlet Witch! She is one of the most renowned and regular members of the Avengers superhero team. This superhero appears in a low-cut leotard and tights in most of her comics. Her psychic and telekinetic abilities were just gifts from the Mind Stone during Hydra’s experiments, and nobody ever said the words “Scarlet Witch,” her superhero name from the comics. She is the wife of Vision, her fellow superhero and teammate. You may be a cosplayer and like to cosplay the popular superhero character.