The actress entered the realm of mainstream cinema in the 2014 remake of Godzilla and then appeared as Wanda Maximoff, a villain turned superhero with telekinetic abilities, in the year’s biggest flick, Avengers: Age of Ultron. He is currently enrolled in NYU’s masters program for Cinema Studies. If this is what the Scarlet Witch when she’s out of control, just imagine when she masters her powers! Scarlet Witch from her stand alone Marvel comic book series – the crown and bodice is what sold me on this design, and I was so proud to see my girl Wanda get her own book! The bodice is well-tailored, shiny pleather in that iconic Scarlet red. Adami Langley went classic Wanda Maximoff here with the red leather leotard and the brightly colored pinkish-red tights. If you’re trying to get into the Halloween spirit – or if you’ve already been in the mood since the first pumpkins popped up at the grocery store – here are a few shows you’ll definitely want to add to your watchlist. Though she combines a few different looks, this Wanda clearly channels the comics.

Elizabeth plays hero Wanda Maximoff a.k.a Scarlet Witch in Marvels movies Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War. Created by Captain Marvel writer Jac Schaeffer, the show takes place following the events of 2019’s Avengers: Endgame, and centers on the two super-powered beings living an idyllic suburbia life in a world straight out of a 1950s sitcom. Cosplayer Juby Headshot created this Marvel look. Famous cosplayer Yaya Han chose to emulate the Wanda Maximoff from her solo comic book. She chose one of her less common looks: the dress from Uncanny Avengers. Avengers Now Scarlett Witch. She has more than one Scarlet Witch costume including a Wanda all decked out in red Worbla armor. Then again, Magneto has never been one to do something purely for the theatrics of it, and there is no reason to assume that has changed now. Some honorable accessory mentions include her red thigh-high boots and gloves, opaque tights, and a little bit of magic – just kidding, we can’t infuse you with magic; you have to be born with it, sorry. Her headpiece is delicately jeweled and the red gloves have been replaced by wrist-length black ones. Sadly, the full Forky costumes available on Amazon only come in children’s sizes – so adults (even those who are still kids at heart) will have to opt for a Forky-inspired T-shirt instead.

This whole outfit is full of unique materials. This costume works best when you’ve got the whole family in on it (and trust us, the kids will love dressing up as a group), but you can also swim solo in a Baby Shark (doo doo doo doo doo doo) T-shirt. Or maybe you could go as the trash can to your kid’s Forky? Scarlet Witch can be an intimidating character to cosplay. Scarlet Witch is one of the heaviest hitters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and a major power player in Avengers: Infinity War, but there’s one thing about the character that’s been (rightfully) bugging actress Elizabeth Olsen: her costume. Laura flashed back to one of her earlier cosplays, Scarlet Witch. And, she was well ahead of the curve by posting these great cosplay photos all the way back in October 2020 before the record-breaking show even premiered. With minimal effort as well as products, you can quickly intermingle these final aims to bring shade, word play heres, as well as pop culture to the party. She still has the gloves and the boots, as well as red leggings.

She has the bright red leotard, the heeled boots, and the slinky gloves. Nevertheless, the following cosplayers boldly donned the red bodice to embody the empathetic and powerful Wanda. She wears the classic red bodice and the sheer red tights. Laura is a cosplayer and self-proclaimed “shameless nerd.” She has a collection of gorgeous homemade costumes including a movie-style Wonder Woman with a hand-carved armored bodice. Ame is predominantly an Anime cosplayer. The cosplayer has a huge library of well-made, detailed cosplays. An Australian cosplayer, Heather also calls herself a “master procrastinator.” Despite her procrastinating tendencies, she also cosplays as Baby Yoda, Kim Possible and Poison Ivy. She also cosplays less common characters such as America Chavez and Squirrel Girl. Once having depowered most mutants, she ranks low on the scale of beloved characters to X-Men fans. The costume was redesigned for the game X-Men Legends II. It is smaller and extra sensible for the needs of the MCU, and the remainder of the costume seems to be fabricated from armor to supply Wanda extra safety in battle. There’s even a black and white shot of Wanda in her white wedding dress and Vision (Paul Bettany) having a dance in their living room.