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The X-Men had already informed the authorities of Wanda’s and Pietro’s rejection of the Brotherhood and the 2 of them were welcomed into the Avengers with open arms. Subsequent encounters between the two groups made it clear to the X-Men that the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver served Magneto out of a perceived debt rather than …

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To replicate Scarlet Witch’s costume, this figure-enhancing boned bodysuit does the trick. We have the high-end film-version Scarlet Witch costume and the classic comic book look Scarlet Witch costume, both adult size and kid size. One piece of information that has come to light recently is that WandaVision looks to be giving Scarlet Witch a …

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So designing her look was very much a part of re-casting her as her own unique, full person in the way James was just talking about. That’s a huge amount of effort compared to just making a regular guy look fast and remember Pietro’s past. And so adding that-the shade of Wanda’s need to prove …

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